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Add Product Class

We will need to add some classes to the ChoppingCart Project. Select Project &rarr Add Class... as indicated in the diagram below:

Add Class to VBNet Project

Figure CC-11: Add Product Class to Chopping Cart Project

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Enter the Name: Product to the class Name as indicated in the diagram below, then press Add:

Add File Class Product to Project

Figure CC-12: Add Class Product to Chopping Cart Project

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Change the contents of the Product.vb class file that you just created to exactly as illustrated in the diagram below:

Imports Microsoft.VisualBasic

Public Class Product
    Public ProductID As String
    Public Name As String
    Public ShortDescription As String
    Public LongDescription As String
    Public UnitPrice As Decimal
    Public ImageFile As String
End Class

Test the application to make sure we have no errors at this point. Run the program by pressing the Green Triangle . Correct any errors, then test the Drop Down List (ddlProducts). The Drop Down List should display products as displayed in the diagram below:

Expand Drop Down List Control

Figure CC-14: Running Program and Expanding Drown Down List

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In the next section we are going to use a Dataview object. A major function of the Datview object is to allow data binding on both Windows and Web Forms. We will use a DataView object to bind to one row of our database, to ease extraction of the data.

To extract the data from the AccessDataSource control and place it in the DataView object will require the use of the CType function. The CType function returns the result of explicitly converting an expression to a specified data type, object, structure, class or interface. The syntax is:

CType(Expression, TypeName)


  • Expression: Any valid expression.
  • TypeName: Any expression that is legal within an As clause in a Dim statement.
    • Any DataType, Object, Structure, Class, or Interface.

To select which data row we are going to extract from theAccessDataSource control we will use the following expression:



  • AccessDataSource1: The Control whose Data is bound to this application.
  • Select: Method which retrieves data from the bound database using the SQL Select statement.
  • DataSourceSelectArguments: Method providing a mechanism that data bound controls use to request data-related operations from data source controls when data is retrieved.
  • Empty: Property that gets the DataSourceSelectArguments with the sort expression set to an empty string (no sorting).
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Change the name of the current page from Default.aspx to Order.aspx as illustrated in the diagram below:

Change name frome Default.aspx to Order.aspx

Figure CC-15: Change Name from Default.Aspx to Order.aspx

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In order to continue with this guide, and continue the discussion on Displaying the Selected Product Data: Press the Button below:

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