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Website of Centurion Enterprises

This website is designed to allow users to obtain a basic understanding of programming principles and concepts. Several tutorials are available on the left side to give preliminary information on a variety of topics, such as web programming languages, Office products and website development.

Visual Studio Tutorial Application and Reference Guides

Web Tutorials and Scripting Languages

AI Topics - Searching

Computer Graphics - Basic Mathematics

Visual Basic, developed and maintained by Microsoft, is often used as an introductory language for individuals wishing to develop Graphical User Interface programs.

C# is a programming language developed by Microsoft Corporation and included in the Visual Studio. C# is the language used by Microsoft for the XNA Game Studio. Any XNA game programmer must be familiar with C# for real-time game play and simulation.

XNA Game Studio is the development environment Microsoft employs for the Xbox 360, Zune, and PC game applications. XNA Game Studio will allow the developer to create applications in Game Play, Simulation, and Real-Time Graphical analyses.

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HTML, or Hyper-Text Markup Language, is the backbone of most WebPages. Web Browsers interpret HTML commands to display Web Pages. If you are completely new to web development, we suggest you take a moment or two and start with the Beginner Tutorial to introduce some basic concepts needed in other web development topics. You need to be comfortable with HTML markup before tackling the scripting languages like Javascript and PHP.

Python is an extremely powerful scripting/programming language where many concepts allow beginnners and novices to get up to speed quickly. Python is used in many professional applications and can be interfaced with C, Lisp and many other programming languages.

Website Design Rules contains some general guidelines and common-sense suggestions to keep your websites in line with usual and customary accepted practices.

Excellent Tech Support

Breadth-First Search is a search strategy where nodes are expanded at a given depth in the search tree before any nodes at the next level are expanded. A C++ program utilizing Breadth-First strategy is given.

Depth-First Search is a search strategy where the deepest node in the current frontier of the search tree is expanded first. A C++ program utilizing Depth-First strategy is given.

A* Search is a search strategy used to minimize the cost(time) of reaching the goal. Heuristics are used to eliminate expensive paths.

Topics discussed assume minimal computer experience, attempts are made to thoroughly explain items, so that anyone with a desire to learn the material can do so. Screenshots will be available to help users understand the mechanics of the material being presented.

We try to eliminate errors in the documentation as best we can, although some may still remain rochester pharmacy. If you have any questions or better yet, suggestions, you may contact us through email, or the blog (once it is set up). We will respond as time permits. Unless otherwise stated, you may copy code or images and save them to your server, but we ask that you do not hot link to our site as this consumes too much server bandwidth from our ISP online pharmacy.

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Visual Basic

Introduction to VB.NET

.NET Framework

VS2008 IDE

How VB is Compiled

Start Visual Studio

Windows Form App

Save Your Work

VB OOP Programming

Visual Basic Code

Exit Code

Button Event Code

Coding Recommendations


Error List Window

Comment Syntax

Help Window

Language Essentianl

Built-In Data Types

Declare Variables

Declare Constants

Code Arithmetic Expressions

Assignment Statements

Operator Precedence

Type Casting

Math Class

String Declaration

Conversion Functions

Conversion Methods

Formatting Functions

String Formatting

Variable Scope


Nullable Types

Loop Constructs

For Next Loop

Do While Loop

Do Until Loop



Exit Do | Exit For


Nested Loops


Array Declaration

Rnd( ) Function

Listbox Control


Parallel Arrays

Key Event Args

Dynamic Arrays

Redimension Array

Set Breakpoint

Start Debugger

ReDim Preserve

MultiDimensional Arrays

DataGridView Control

Length and Sort Methods


Pad Right

Split Method

IsNumeric Function

Multiform Projects

Add Form To Project

Form Object Methods

Form Show Method

ShowDialog Method

Form Close Method

Form Accept Button

Multiform Project Example

Artificial Intelligence

Big O Notation

NP Completeness

Intelligent Agents

Problem Definition

Formulating Problems

Toy Problems

Vacuum World


8 Queens

The Knuth Sequence

Real World Problems

Route Finding Problems

Touring Problems

Traveling Salesperson Problem

VLSI Layout

Robot Navigation

Automatic Assembly Sequencing

Searching For Solutions

Frontier Node Expansion

Search Algorithm Infrastructure

Child Node Creation

Measuring Algorithm Performance

Uninformed Search Strategies

Breadth-First Search

Breadth-First Characteristics

C++ Breadth-First Search Code

Breadth-First Data Structure

Breadth-First Main Program

Breadth-First Make Map

Breadth-First Make Neighbor

Breadth-First Point of Origin

Breadth-First Print Cities

Breadth-First Initial Listing

Breadth-First Path Record

Breadth-First Get Child City

C++ Breadth-First Search Code

Breadth-First Print Goal Path

Uniform-Cost Search

Depth-First Search

Depth-First C++ Solution

Depth-First Data Structure

Depth-First MakeMap()

Depth-First Display Data

Depth-First Initial Listing

Depth-First GetChildCity()

Depth-First Path Record

Depth-First Search Function

Depth-First PrintGoalPath()

Depth-First Main()

Depth-Limited Search

Iterative Depth Search

Bidirectional Search

Comparing Strategies

Informed Search Strategies

Greedy Best-First

A* Search

Conditions For Optimality

Optimality of A*

C++ A* Search Code

A* Search Data Structure

A* Search Data Entry

A* Search GetChildCity()

C++ Min Priority Queue

C++ A* Search Code Function

C++ A* Headers & Prototypes

C++ A* Search Main()

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